and it continues …….

The refugee crisis seems to have been dropped from the Headline news. Greece has been a place where I have taken my summer holidays, yet on this small Greek island of Lesbos, on a small sandy beach, God is there. This video is to keep us aware that the refugee crisis is still here, and will not go away, just because we do not hear about it on the six o’clock news.

Although this video is from the organization Samaritans Purse, it gives a good indication of the journey that people are willing to take to escape war and tyranny. If politicians can turn away from watching this video, then there is little hope for governments to act. If people of faith watch it, and are moved to act in a compassionate way, then there is hope.

God, place before me your people

on whose lives are held in the balance by politicians and governments

Move my heart to feel their despair,

Move my mind to seek wisdom and consider what can be done,

Move my mouth to speak words of truth

Move my legs to walk the path of justice

Move my hands to hold those who are falling

Move my faith so it can be a rock to others to hold on to