Dehydrated?.. Drink Plenty of water.


John 7 :37-38 Let anyone who is thirsty come to me,  and let the one who believes in me drink. Out of the believer’s heart shall flow streams of Living water.

How many of us have drunk a little too much wine, or whatever is your favourite tipple? We are recommended to drink plenty of fluids. Why? because it makes us think clearer and detoxes the body, and that can only be beneficial. However, water is good in other ways.

As we drink water, we are reminded of the Living waters that Jesus talks about. That he brings us the Living water so we may never spiritually thirst again. That yearning deep within us has been quenched and satisfied.

As we  see light dancing on rivers and streams, we are reminded of the Spirit that hovered over all of Creation,  as she whirled and danced, bringing energy and creativity. The water then becomes a vehicle and symbolic reminder of the turmoil we face, or the peace we experience, all due to the Spirit’s glittering dance

As we trickle water through our fingers we are reminded that as water flows, it has a source and an end. The beginning was with God and then the water flows where it may, to  find it’s journey’s end.

Dehydration is when we don’t get enough water in our bodies and we lose our grasp on reality. If we deny our-self the Living Water that Jesus brings us, then we too become spiritually dehydrated.

As the year commences let us always be hydrated and immersed in the Living waters that God offers.