God will never allow the Body of Christ to die.

mary and jesusMany recent group discussions that I have been involved in, have reflected on the future of the church, and some considering whether we live in in the ‘end times’ that Jesus, Paul and Revelation describe in the Bible. One question that we reflected upon, given the world’s position of wealth and poverty and global and political situations, is whether God would allow the Body of Christ to die?

It caused me to really consider that statement, but faith tells me that God ‘trusts’ the Body of Christ, by sending the Holy Spirit and together we live a life promoting the Kingdom of God, of justice and kindness..and that means God has given us a task to complete.  However you live out your faith, it is important to live in the moment. Too many people are concerned about what the future may bring or may not bring;  will we grow as a church?; is the day coming nearer where the apocalyptic texts will come true ?

One of the many certainties I have is that each moment is precious, and we must live it in all its fullness. I have seen many people consumed with fear , as they dread what lies ahead in their lives, but God is in the midst of our certainties, and God will never allow the Body of Christ to die. I trust God too much to think that God would willingly harm the Body of Christ. God is aware of what the Body of Christ looks like. Some parts are stronger than others , some more creative than others, some prophetic and other encouraging , together though we are strong and purposeful.

  • My hope is that we all live in the moment, use our gifts bring a wholeness to this world , that only God can bring.
  • Not to be so consumed about what will happen in the future, the future will come soon enough.
  • We can prepare ourselves for any future occurrences , by following the teaching of Jesus, of  living a life of love, living a prayerful life, living  with a pastoral heart and concern for others and  living rooted in the purpose of God.

God who drank milk from a woman’s breast,                                                                                 enter in our hearts today and calm our fears for the future.                                                               You are a God who dwells with us,                                                                                                        who knows our deepest concerns.

Instill in us a courage to face each day                                                                                                    knowing you are will us.

Instill in us a strength                                                                                                                                       to acknowledge the uniqueness of each day.

Instill in us a peace                                                                                                                                         to know that each step we take  you are taking it with us                                                                   and so the body of christ becomes stronger and wiser .  

Amen                                                                                                                                                                 ©Ruth Dillon 


There is always room for one more


I have just returned from the United Reformed Church General Assembly in Southport.We heard lots of Speakers and reflected on many issues. I engaged in a lively discussion on welcome within our churches, and many churches would readily see themselves as ‘welcoming’, however when push comes to shove, how welcoming would they really be?

We discussed Jesus model of welcome in relation to LGBTQ and people who live with learning disabilities, difficulties and mental health issues.

God’s Kingdom is not a monochrome colour, it is vibrant, colourful and passionate.There is always room for one more, to bring another hue to the rainbow coloured Kingdom of God.

There is always room for one more, to show us how wide and deep God’s love is for the world we live in.

There is always room for one more, to find another disciple to walk with.

There is always room for one more, to broaden our understanding of God.

There is always room for one more, to pray with.

There is always room for one more, to welcome on the path of friendship.

There is always room for one more, to show us the creativity of the Holy Spirit.

There is always room for one more, to share a smile with.

There is always room for one more, to bless and for them to bless us.

There is always room for one more …..

There is always room for one more……..

We are the poorer……  if we say no room…...

©Ruth Dillon


God remembering the Somme.


I was privileged to be involved in a Commemoration Service for 100th Anniversary of the Somme . I was asked to reflect on how God would have felt, the sadness, the hurt , the brokenness, and the pain. The strange thing is that even though these words were written remembering those who have fallen in World War 1, I think God is still feeling and experiencing the same pain and suffering , as our world becomes more and more divided and conflict is replacing peace.

                                        100th anniversary of the Somme

There was a time,                                                                                                                                    When meadow and sky found its celestial home;                                                                        Where flowers and trees waved the dawn and dusk into being.

There was a time,                                                                                                                                     When love was the token of word and action;                                                                                  Where Angels and mortals lived in harmony surrounded by light and presence.

Wait my children,

Listen to my Spirit breathing through the toil and destruction, can you not hear the wing beats of peace?                                                                                                                                            Wait my children ! Enough is enough.

 My heart is breaking every second,                                                                                                 Seeing the precious blood of my children                                                                                           spilt on the land I have created for you.                                                                                                     Will you never listen?                                                                                                                                        Will you never learn?                                                                                                                                  The weeping and wailing that has accompanied war and conflict throughout millennium will never stop,                                                                                                                                                as long as you refuse to hear my voice of wisdom.

The groans of the earth are yearning to be silent;                                                                                    Broken hearted I have walked the caverns and trenches                                                                      of mud and filth deep with hatred and pain.                                                                                   Wait my childrenEnough is enough !

 Mothers who bore you and cradled you,                                                                                           Wives who have loved and caressed you,                                                                                        Women who have adored you tenderly,                                                                                               scream out with me like broken chards of glass piercing souls and hearts.

Tears tumbling down faces will pour onto lands which poppies will emerge, Blood red.         Broken hearted I have walked the fields of war, seen the horror of dead corpses rotting, and the silence and smell of death and stench.                                                                                       Wait my children! Enough is enough !

I am the God who loves you;                                                                                                                           I am the God who knows each one of you by name;                                                                               I am the God who is weeping;                                                                                                                       I am God who is living out this horror with you, moment by moment                                           I am the God who bleeds;                                                                                                                                I am the God who is dying with you.                                                                                                    Wait my children! Enough is enough !

 The killing fields begin…

Now, I wait to gather the fragments of life and death, then weave again the tapestry of humanity, which will after a time of healing, restore hope, and a new day will dawn.

Ruth Dillon 2016