Advent Saturday 17th December Habakkuk 2:1

I will keep watch and see what he says to me      Habakkuk 2:1

Here is another prophet moaning and complaining. Habakkuk openly questions the worship of God and when the prophet sees injustices among his people, he asks why God does not intervene.

Habakkuk is a little-known prophet who complains and moans a lot. He is fed up and can’t wait much longer as the pain of injustice is too much for him to bear. Later he senses the waiting may soon be over and at the end of the book, he rejoices and trusts God in the midst of the troubles he witnesses.

Waiting is a hard task to undertake, for, in the waiting, pain emerges as we see and feel other people’s distress, especially people whom we love and cherish.

But let us learn and take heart from Habakkuk, that it is alright to complain to God, for God hears our moans and groans as they are our deepest cries, and in our trusting in God, a new dawn will break, a dawn that will replace our tears with Hope.

Holding God

We bring before you all the people who are in pain,

A physical pain due to injury or disease

A mental pain due to loneliness or isolation

A spiritual pain due to doubt and uncertainty

Hear their cries and eliminate their darkness

so that your transforming love

may be guiding light on their journey. Amen


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