Advent Tuesday 20th December Mark 12:41-44

…but she out of her poverty, has put everything she had     Mark12:44

The story of the widow’s mite has been told and retold over the centuries and pulpits. The meaning is still as vivid now as it was 2,000 years ago. Generosity is at the heart of the Gospel, it is not so much what we can afford to give, but giving with a spirt of generosity, to share everything we have. That is a huge challenge, as many families and individuals are faced with unemployment and using food banks on a regular basis.

Yet generosity is one of the vital elemsnts of discipleship; generous with time , our gifts, our food , our belongings our home and yes our money.

In your wisdom and love

You have joined us together

So that here below

We share with one another

The heavenly treasure

with which you have enriched us                  (Therese of Lisieux)



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