A hymn for tragedy and compassion

grenfell tower 2

The horrific fire at Grenfell towers in London has affected many people. As many people watched the tragic events unfold, we witnessed the pain and horror of a terrible nightmare, which to date have caused 70 deaths and many more yet to found in the ashes of the burnt out building. Yet we also saw heroic actions of people, ordinary people doing extraordinary things.  Interfaith communities coming togther, bridging communities and love being shown in action, as strangers helping strangers and friendships forged in the shadows of the fire of devastation.

grenfell tower 1

As I prepare for Sunday morning worship, I have struggled to verbalise the juxtaposition of people’s pain and loss and the compassion of volunteers, neighbours, and friends.

Here is a hymn I have written for this particular context.

The Tune is The Skye Boat Song


Come Loving God, heal our desperate world,

Numb with our sense of loss.

Harassed and helpless, we wander alone,

Holding our wounds and hurt.



We pray to you, all Loving God,

Through you our kingdom comes.

Love that brings Hope,

Hope that stands strong,

Breathe through the pain and fear.


Flames that engulf, as smoke hits the skies

Pain that torments the soul;

Help is nearby by the hands that reach out,

Showing Gods care for all…… Refrain


Seeing your people close to despair,

Takes all our courage Lord;

Tears that well up and stings eyes and hearts

Heal our world, Lord we cry…… Refrain


Bless all the people now in your care,

Bless those who seek on earth;

Bless those who seek for justice and truth,

Bless as we sing this prayer.


©Ruth Dillon 2017

Tune Skye Boat Song