Advent 4 – Stars that point to Jesus – Friday 22nd December – Psalm 89:1-4

advent star small

You said, ‘I have made a covenant with my chosen one,   I have sworn to my servant David: v3

Too many times promises have been made to us, only to be broken, and we feel let down and disappointed. However, this Psalm is a reminder that the line of David will stay strong and all humanity will benefit, as a shining star pointing to Jesus.

This Psalm indicates that God will promise to preserve David’s descendants, and this is fulfilled in Jesus Christ. The opening verse of Psalm 89 is a proclamation of the love, tenderness and compassion of God which is steadfast, in other words, it means unwavering.

To know that God will stay resolved, firm and committed to a promise, gives us hope as well.

Lord, You kept your promise to David, and keep your promise to us, for you are a dependable, constant and dedicated God committed to doing the best for us, for we are you people. Amen



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