Christmas Eve – Sunday 24th December  – Matthew 2: 1-4

advent star small

People who have been ‘shining lights’ and ‘stars’ in our lives, have enriched our faith and lighten our loads. These unique people show the goodness and truth that the Christmas message gives us. As the dirty shepherds and expectant visitors look towards the smelly and dusty manger, waiting for the birth of the Babe of Bethlehem; their affirming presence would have been a sign of encouragement for the parents of Jesus.

God has been very astute in giving us the ability to sense the good, (and not so good traits) in others. In the story we have just heard, the noble and wise men, come face to face with the evil and craftiness of King Herod. Herod’s fear is palpable and he calls for reinforcements. Yet the wise men are still open and aware of the presence of God, they support and trust each other knowing that the star will guide them to the place of fulfilment and wholeness.

As the fourth candle is lit today on the advent wreath, may it represent the people we know who put their trust in God, to enable fulfilment in their lives and in the lives of others; the light of Joy is nearly upon us.


God of the stars

As we journey through life ,

may we always recognise the people who trust you

whose faces radiate with your Love

whose words resonate with your Spirit

whose actions respond to the needs of others.




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