Lent 2015 … Day 5….Celebrate

new shoots lent 2015My garden needs a bit of TLC.!!

I tidied up before winter, and now it is looking very soggy and sorry for itself! However the blooms of primroses under my bare cherry tree are very cheery, and now as different shoots sprout from the earth, I know that spring is not far away.

The winter can be long and dreary, yet as soon as new life appears we feel much better.

Life can be similar to the seasons, winter nights when we stay indoors, pace of life different, a little slower, in fact some people feel down right miserable in the winter. Yet celebrate we must, for as the seasons move from winter to spring, we realise that all is not lost, that the God who encourages growth when all seems lost ,is the God who loves us unconditionally.

As Jesus wandered alone in the wilderness, when he must have thought at times all hope is lost, God sent angels to tend and care for him.

Let us not just celebrate the coming of Spring, let us celebrate the One who sends us angels, to tend and care for us, when we feel in the depths of ‘winter’ and despair

God who sends angels to care for us

We thank you for the many times

small gestures of compassion and kindness

have meant so much to us.

The smile of acceptance

The gentle touch of reassurance

The phone call at the ‘right’ time.

Lord we pray,

That even though we may not immediately recognise your angels,

Enable us to be alert to their presence,

And may you use us to be angels to others.