Lent 2015.. Day 23… Cherish each other

cherishI have always loved it when my friend calls me ‘sweetheart, mind you he says that to all the women he knows! It’s a real term of endearment and lets the other person knows they are cherished. To feel ‘cherished’ has a lovely warm glow about it, images of being held, embraced, tenderness, yet it is much more than that. It speaks of respect, value and worth, qualities which to my mind are qualities which we should all adhere to not just as Christians but people of humanity.

The only time we talk about ‘cherishing another person’ is during a marriage service, yet for a variety of reasons, 42 % of marriages will end in divorce. So where does that leave the phrase, to ‘cherish one another’.

Cherishing is a way of behaving, cherishing each moment and person in your life, because you never know when it will be the last time you see someone.

Jesus cherished the people he met, the outcast, the women, the children, the disadvantaged, the poor, the poor in spirit and the dispossessed. In turn God and God’s spirit  cherished him, enabled him to feel the tenderness of others, which made Jesus fully human.


Cherish means to inspire

Cherish means to accept

Cherish means to show tenderness

Cherish means to love

Cherish means to respect

Cherish means to value each other’s worth

Cherish means to walk the mile with you

Cherish means to wash your feet

Cherish means to look into the eyes of another human

And see the face of God.