Advent 2 – Stars in the heavens – Sunday 10th December – Genesis 1:14-18

advent star smallThere are many ways in which we can see the evidence of God in the world around us. Some people may be struck by the intricate beauty of a flower, while others are amazed at the majesty of the night sky, especially when there is no electrical lighting nearby. Gazing heavenwards to look at the light of distant stars, especially if using a telescope and in some remote place, and the number of stars in the vastness of the sky can be awe-inspiring. It enables us to see God not just as a small infant or a caring parent who loves us, but one who is a creator of all things.

As we light the second candle this Sunday, we think about our world, with all its complexities and its joys. Fascinated by the skies, its endless lights darting around the night skies, echo the possibilities for your Kingdom Lord. We remember people who explore the heavenly and the earthly realms; the scientists, the philosophers, the farmers and of course ourselves. Let us always remember that God, the Creator of the vastness of the heavens, and the Creator of smallest cell in our bodies, came to live among us as an infant called Jesus, to bring a light of promise to a world of darkness and doubters.


God of the stars

You walk among us yet

You flung stars into space.

 You are closer than breath itself yet

You are beyond our reach.

 You are a mystery and also the majesty yet

You are the promise of what is to come.