Lent 2015 .. Day 19… Gossiping the Gospel

Gossip the Gospel

I am constantly amazed of the amount of individuals who ‘catch up’ with people before a Sunday service.

Chatting and conversation seem part of what it means to be human, we like to tell our friends about good news, bad news, distressing news and share with members of our community or the day to day comings and goings of our life.

‘Gossiping the gospel’ is when we share in the good news about the Gospel , that means liberating the oppressed , sharing the Love of God for all people, so let’s take the gospel seriously and ‘gossip the news’ that God’s love is for all humanity , regardless of sexuality , ability and race.


Lord ,

help us share the Good news

that you are near not far

that you are loving not judgemental

that you are inclusive not exclusive

enable us to search the scriptures

and interpret them for our own context .

In Jesus name