1st Sunday in Advent – Sunday   3rd December –   Job 38 : 31-37

advent star smallThe content of the book of Job is mostly a dialogue between Job and his three friends who came to comfort him after a succession of dreadful troubles and hardship overtook him and his family.

There is a lot of general information in this amazing ancient book. However , in particular, we find reference to several star constellations that were just as recognizable to Job as they are to us. In the following passage, God refers to several heavenly constellations when He was demonstrating to Job how little he really knew about Creation.

As we light this first candle on this Advent Sunday, let us remember people we know in the world, who are or have experienced hardship just like Job. We think about church and community projects that are Gods mission to shine a light of hope into people’s suffering and turmoil. Like Job, we too gaze at the skies, just as Mary did when she experienced her baby move within her, just as Jesus lay his head down and marvel at the beauty of your handiwork and wonder what the future may hold. Let us always remember the bright love that God has for each one of us.

advent star smallPrayer

God of the stars

On this our first Sunday in Advent,

We thank you for the stars and constellations in the sky,

May they always remind us of your love for each one of us

A love that never fades or dims.

Wherever our journey through life takes us 

May the patterns of stars in the night sky always remind us of your love for us