Lent 2015 … Day 24… ‘Clergy does Comic Relief’

CR_RND15_img_v2_0_1Its Friday, March 13th and yes its here.. Comic Relief .!!

I am always amazed at the generosity of people of their time and money… and yes in a very small way I shall be doing my bit. I am part of a ‘Clergy does Comic Relief’ team and tonight I will be treading the boards with a professional comedian to raise money for Comic Relief.

Image0125Over the years questions have been raised in many groups within the community is it really going to people in need, or it is lining pockets?. My only response to that is ‘Bah Humbug !’. Over the last  24 years , I have been visiting Zambia , and supporting projects and I know from first-hand experience what a small amount of money can do to transform lives, transform villages and there give hope where there maybe none at present. Even a bicycle for HIV aid workers to travel the villages, bicycle ambulances, or mosquito nets may seem nothing to us, but Hope is offered and Hope is received.

So if you would like to enjoy watching the telly this evening, please do so … but please give some money and be assured that it all goes to transform people lives.

What would Jesus do if he was here today? . I am sure he would put on a red nose, and say ‘Please give… not for yourself, but for your brothers and sisters in need’.

Prayer for Comic Relief

For those who have the gift of making people smile

For those who are passionate about your kingdom coming here on earth

For those who will be touched by watching events today

We give you thanks


For those who will wear red noses and bring a chuckle to people

For the children being sponsored for their silence

For communities raising money

We give you thanks


For those who will now have clean water

For those who will sleep and not get malaria

For babies and children who now have a future


For those who will wear a red nose as a reminder of the haves and have not’s

We give you thanks


Lent 2015 .. Day 17…. The man who laughed

lauging jesusDid Jesus laugh?

Well we know he wept (John 11:35), so if he was fully human, I know he would have laughed.

Laughter can be a wonderful medicine. I like nothing more thank having a good belly laugh, even a laugh that makes your sides and mouth ache. It can be so healing, a sense of inner peace in a strange sort of way. Yet many Christians seem so serious. Why is this I wonder?

I can understand the seriousness of the cross, and the focus of God’s love for us seen in the death of Jesus. However I would want to wind back time a little, to the many times he would have walked with his disciples from village to village recalled incidents, smiling and laughing . Even at the wedding at Cana, Jesus would be happy, laughed; even the times when healing occurred and he could see the change in the people’s faces and body , he must have been joyous too when he could see their happiness at being restored .

Jesus also must have been a charismatic person, a person who people were draw too, a warm friendly, inviting, person. If he was a person constantly serious and pessimistic, I think I  would want to go in the other direction !

Did Jesus laugh? .. of course he did!!

The Theology of laughter is a resource that we need to tap into … For after all… how many of us has said to ourselves… God must have sense of humour.

I thank God for Willis Whatley who has helped me to reflect on Jesus laughing with his wonderful picture above.

God who laughs with us

Is the joyous momenst

The moments of friendships

Of funny conversations

Delight in us.


God who sees pain

When it is difficult for us to laugh

Because of sadness

Because of pain

Because of hurt

Comfort us