Lent 2015 … Day 14…. Lifelong learning

ghandi quote lent 2015

One of my most humbling experiences is that at the age of 48 I completed a Degree in Contextual Theology, and then at 53 completed my Masters. Speaking personally, my early years in school were very painful and I left school with one O level and my learning was definitely hindered by authoritarian teachers, whose focus was encouraging the brighter students in class, than the less able ones.

I say humbling experience, because I never thought I would have the opportunity to enter academia, and when I did, I became very aware of the countless of people who for whatever reason have not had the same opportunity as myself.For learning is a lifelong opportunity, I would encourage us all to be open to learning something new and secondly that no one should be denied the opportunity to learn.

Learning, the important learning in life, is not found in any classroom setting, but found daily as we walk the path of a pilgrims. For we are all pilgrims on a path to seek and find God, whether we have encountered academia, worked as a care assistant, a gardener, a schoolchild, a waste disposal expert, a tax collector or unemployed.

Jesus’ desert experience was certainly one example of this, for his time in the wilderness taught him many things; maybe things he had taken for grated in his home life, his friends, his work as a carpenter. We shall never know , but Jesus found that people wanted to learn more about God, and he was the person who could teach them.

God of lifelong learning,

Thinking of our own education,

Bless our desire to learn more

about the world we live in;

and to grasp new opportunities

when they are presented to us.


Thinking of those people

who are in the present education system

Throughout the world,

Bless them with encouraging teachers and mentors,

Who will enthuse them

in learning about your world and all who live it.

Who will teach students respect and values

That will equip them throughout their life as a pilgrim

In Jesus name