Lent 2015..Day 1 ..Give, fast, pray

celtic cross

Lent is a time when many people will give up something they like to indulge in, yet while Jesus was in the wilderness for 40 days, he fasted and he encountered many temptations. However through these temptations, he became stronger spiritually. This is the essence of undergoing a Lenten discipline; it is seeking to delve deep within the fountain of living water within us, and find the Living God.

I will not be forgoing chocolate, or the lovely Cheese scones at the coffee morning, but I will be ‘taking on’ something.

This year, I intend to fast one day a week, write my blog on a daily basis, and reflect on various spiritual disciplines. I also intend to read a book for Lent Richard Rohr ‘Falling Upwards’  – a Spirituality for the two halves of life.

Let’s see how disciplined i am !

Happy Lent everyone.


Lord, as you left the River Jordan and

wandered the dusty path of the deserts,

Help us to hear the words

‘You are my beloved’

As we embark on our personal Lenten disciplines for 2015

Be with us in our struggle

Be with us in our isolation

Be with us in our weakness

Be with us in our challenges