Lent 2015…Day 2… Conversation

conversation-lent 2Yesterday I was part of a Jewish and Christian conversation discussing the conflict and tensions in the Middle East. Even though respect was present on both sides and by all people, the conversation was heated and passionate.

As Jesus approached the wild desert plains, I wonder how he felt not be able talking to his friends and family? The conversations about the Romans occupying his beloved Land, and the heated discussions with the Rabbi in the synagogue. Jesus was entering a new and challenging realm, for God was his only listener, and the wind and weather was his companion.

Was he frightened?

Was he strengthened by the Spirit?

Did he have doubts?


Abba ,

Stop me when I may hurt people by barbed words

Strengthen me as I walk the path of humility

Enable me to listen not just with ears, but using my whole senses.

So I see before me a child of God made in your image