Advent Wednesday 14th December Ephesians 1:17-18

With the eyes of your heart enlightened, many you know what is the hope, to which he has called you   Ephesians 1:18

Mindfulness is one of the recent meditative activities where focussing positively on your life can bring rewards. It encourages individuals to focus on the here and now, while calmly actualizing feeling and thoughts; it is not about hiding them, but creating a space to respond to situations.

Many people have practiced mindfulness, as it is not a new invention. Many Christian mystics, the Mothers and Fathers of our faith, lived and immersed themselves in the present ‘moment’, and reflected on God’s presence and influence in the world. Jesus also lived in the ‘moment’, acknowledging his feelings and dealing with them the best he could, but he also took time away from the chaotic life that was being thrust upon him.

Being called to be a follower of Jesus takes us into the realm of the here and now, not at some future point, but now – once we acknowledge that fact, then life seems to flow freely with God’s Spirit leading the way.

Lord of the here and now,

Thank you for not being a distant God,

Thank you for the intuition of Jesus 

Thank you for your persistence Spirit



Advent Tuesday 13th December Luke 2:25-38

There was also a prophet Anna. She was a great age… she never left the temple but worshipped there both day and night  Luke 2:36-37

Waiting can be a lifetime occupation, as the snippet from Luke’s Gospel tells us. Anna would have been a widow faithfully dedicating all her life to living in the temple, praying daily for the expected moment when she would see the Messiah. In her older years she is getting frail, and wondering if she will see witness the baby, the prince of peace foretold in the prophet Isaiah.

She held on to the belief, that before she closed her eyes for the final time at death, she would gaze on the infant. Now the task and dedication she has offered to God has been completed. She knows this is the child was will being restoration to God’s people, and no her task is done. As Anna eyes gaze upon Jesus parents, she prays to Yahweh to give them strength in the task of parenthood.

Never give up on waiting.

Today maybe the day when the waiting is over.

Is today the day Lord?

Is the waiting over?

Where my anticipation, patience and uncertainty is rewarded 

By your overflowing mercy and love,

That will eliminate fear and be replaced by wisdom.

Gently hold us in our waiting Lord