New Year Prayer 2017

God who breathes through all creation,

Breathe through all hearts

as we stand on the cusp

of another year.


As we smell the freshly baked bread,

as we drink the heady wine,

may your food energize us,

heal us and

enable us to love your people

and be part of restoring your Kingdom

of Justice and Love.


Lord who delights in all human experience,

Delight in all people lives

as new opportunities come before us.


As we hold an anxious hand,

as we embrace the rejected,

may your tenderness

encourage us to live life in all its fullness,

and to enable others

to recognise the Divine spark within themselves

and so be part of restoring your Kingdom of

Hope and Truth.


Spirit, who dances to the music of a heartbeat,

Dance to conversations

that will bring wholeness

to people this year.


Direct us to those who are needing healing

whether physical, emotional, psychological sexual or spiritual;

people who are yearning for a ‘voice’

Whether man woman or and child,

regardless of age, race, culture gender or ability.

May your Shalom,

Be the gift your bring to us,

and may we use your gift wisely

to restore your Kingdom of Inclusivity and Wisdom


(c) Ruth Dillon 2017