Lent 2015 .. day 28…. Our Inner Song

stillnessFrom a young child, I have always loved singing. In my early years, I remember hearing the singing at the Salvation Army as I stood near my relatives and being caught up with the music of band (my Dad played the trombone!). Then as a teenager I was in the school choir, and in later years progressed to Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society in my 30/40’s.

Singing has been proven to release certain hormones, so you have a greater sense of wellbeing.

Singing can be a communal activity, as it is in a Sunday service, when our collective voices soar and expresses a language that we cannot define in words. However we also have an inner song, a song that we only can sing from within. Sometimes that song maybe joyous and full of praise, other times it is a sad lament. It is only when we are still we can hear the song that sings within our Spirit and heart. It is this song that becomes the song of Love. For even when we are joyous and singing praise to God with our voices, our inner song maybe beating a different tune and rhythm. Recognizing the rhythm and beat of our inner song may take a lifetime to identify, and Jesus had many inner songs, from the painful lament on Good Friday, to the hymn of resurrection on Easter Sunday.

Our task is to listen to our inner song and sing it with faith.


Songs that wing heavenwards

Are placed before God

Then God takes our songs and listen to all of them.

Some painful, others joyous

Some mourning, others in serenity.


Lord listen to our songs and bless them

Let your healing Spirit

guide us into singing new songs

to refresh , to energize and to restore