Lent 2015 .. Day 20 .. The gift of Time

the gift of timeThe old saying that ‘time passes quicker as you grow older’ seems to be a true statement, for me anyway.

Seeing my children and now grandchildren grow up, and seeing the grey hairs appearing before my very eyes, are evidence that Time does not stand still.

Time is not a chore and something to dread, but it is a gift, and we must use and treasure the time we have, to enrich lives of others. The use of our Time is about honouring the gift that God has given to us, and sometime we use our time wisely, and there are occasions when we waste Time.

In the desert, Jesus had Time on hands, to reflect, and address issues that God was presenting to him. It is strange to think that Jesus’ time in the desert was gift, but even though he was faced with temptations which caused mental anguish, the desert experience could be understood as a gift to Jesus, as through that experience he became closer and nearer to the God he loved and worshipped.

Have you wasted your Time recently?

Are you using your Time fruitfully?

Is time precious to you or do you wish Time away ?

Is your Time ‘balanced’ ?


God who is beyond time and space,

Enrich our lives with the blessing of Time,

May we use our time wisely,

May we use our time to encourage relationships,

May we carefully consider the Time we have,

And place it before you.

Bless us, that we may use the Time we have

To welcome, to listen and to love.