Lent 2015 … Day 18… When a greyhound showed me how to trust.

Facebook-20141204-023632My family consists of many people both near and far, and I have in previous blogs talked about my grandson William who lives with me together with his Mum, my daughter. However, also I have a retired racing greyhound who has found is ‘forever home’ with us, and he has fitted in very well considering we are a typical, chaotic and noisy family.

Oh dear that’s sounds as though all families are noisy, dysfunctional and chaotic, nevertheless to have a dog in our home has made our family it complete again. When Danny came to us, he was very scared, nervous and it was clear he was wary of humans, however after two years he THE most gentle dogs I have ever encountered.

WP_20140719_003Trust is something that does not come easy to humans as well as dogs, and there is a saying that trust must be earned, and to some degree that is correct, still trusting in God is also easier said than done.

Trusting in God means that

God will never leave us, even when the going gets tough,

God will always love us, even if we bicker, and complain

God will always remain faithful to us, even if we are not faithfulness to God.

Seeing the trust in Danny’s eyes the complete love that he gives to us as a family, reminds me of the love God has for us…. I look forward to the time when I will able to journey to my ‘forever home’ in the presence of the God who loves all creation, whether they have two legs or four legs.


Trusting Lord

Why is it I find it difficult to trust?

Maybe it is all the hurt that I have stored up inside of me.
Maybe it’s the impenetrable wall I have built up as a protection

Maybe it’s being frightened of being disappointed … again


Trust seems easy for others,

but not for me

Enable me to allow your love and peace

to soak into my inner body and soul ,

To know that you will always love

and not disappoint me

To know that you will tenderly lift each brick

and place it at a distance

To know that by your grace,

the hurt will be replaced by forgiveness

In Jesus name