Lent 2015 .. Day 10 … Being unique

unique-quotes-best-meaningful-sayings-perfectI came across this wisdom story, however I am not sure where it has come from. Since I first read it, the theme of being unique and rejoicing in our uniqueness has been uppermost in my mind. During Lent, we may all undergo specific disciplines, which fit our character, personality and discipleship. Let us never compare ourselves to another person, for God has given us the gifts and talents specifically for us

‘A penguin was standing on the water’s edge when he looked up at an eagle soaring high above his head. He watched him with great admiration for a few moments and then looked down at his own flippers with frustration. The penguin shuffled up to the tallest rock on the beach and flapped his wings vigorously.

“That looks so cool, I wish I could fly in the air like an eagle,” he thought to himself before accepting reality; sliding into the sea and swimming away.

The eagle looked down and saw the penguin swimming gracefully in the water. He watched him with similar admiration for a few moments and looked across at his own wings, wondering if they would work under water.

“That looks so cool, I wish I could fly in the water like a penguin,” he thought to himself, before accepting reality; catching another updraft and effortlessly soaring away into the distance.

Every now and then, I look at the talents and capabilities of others and wish that I was like them. And my suspicion is that many of those I admire have others in their lives whom they envy.And so it goes on, the endless loop of comparison and inevitable disappointment.

A penguin is a penguin for a reason and it is remarkably good at what it was created for.

An eagle is an eagle for a reason and it is remarkably good at what it was created for.

Never compare yourself with another person, for you are you for a reason, and have the capacity to become remarkably good at what God created you for.

God who makes us unique,

You know us intimately,

Know what makes us tick,

Know what presses our buttons,

Know our yearnings,

Know our fears.

As we bathe in your love for us,

May we be able to be true to our calling

of being a person made in your image;

Loved and beloved by you,

Unique and child of our Creator.