Prayers/ Hymns

Lay your healing hand upon me,

When my heart seems all alone;

Give me Strength, through Prayer and Praise

Accept the Love, that you have shown.


In my prayer life, Lord sustain me,

When the words are hard to find.

In your stillness, come be near me,

Tenderness to fill my mind.


When the world around is hurting,

and the pressures fill my time.

In my service and my witness,

Prayer enriches life, in kind.


On life’s journey, still my mind-

my heart, till I am one with you.

Then in one with all Creation

Hope and Love will bring me through.


©Words Ruth Dillon

Tune Servant song 8787

As we gather round this table,

mindful of Christ’s suffering;

God invites us to come closer,

In his love – remembering.


Bread is blessed and raised to heaven’

For God’s Spirit to reveal,

All the healing and forgiveness

comes to us within this meal.


Wine is poured, and offered to us,

Hands are open to receive;

Christ the witness of God’s love,

The Spirit’s presence helps us believe.


©Words Ruth Dillon

Tune Servant song 8787

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