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Lent 2015 …. Day 30…. Scattering Seeds of Faith

In my garden I have four bird hangers; three are suet balls in a holder and one is a heart shaper seed hanger, full of tightly packed nuts. Over that last few months I have been watching the birds come and feed from them, as I have rested in my room. This morning, as I …

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Lent 2015 .. Day 29….Helpful way to understand SIN

I have just returned from leading one of my churches Lent groups. We are reflecting on my sabbatical subject ‘Seeking Shalom’, in particular in Body Mind and Soul. This week, we focussed on negative forces that can hinder a person attaining Shalom, and explored ‘demonic forces’ and ‘sin’. These two areas are rarely discussed at …

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Lent 2015 .. day 28…. Our Inner Song

From a young child, I have always loved singing. In my early years, I remember hearing the singing at the Salvation Army as I stood near my relatives and being caught up with the music of band (my Dad played the trombone!). Then as a teenager I was in the school choir, and in later …

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Lent 2015 … Day 27 .. Faith and Green Olives

In my office, I have a little packet of Green Olives. They just sit there looking at me, seeing how long I can resist the temptation to gobble the whole packet. It’s strange but at one time in my life, I hated olives with its rubbery texture, and its unusual taste, but now I could …

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Lent 2015 .. Day 26… Children and Communion

I have had the pleasure again of conducting Communion at one of my churches. I find communion such a source of peace and welcome. It pains me to reflect on Churches who say they are a welcoming church when restrictions are put on people before they even enter the church door. This week, I decided …

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Lent 2015… Day 25….. Henri Nouwen on Despair

I have just taken a quiet day at one of my churches , I am mindful of the turmoil people face, the unexpected, the mundane routine and the pain of living and illness. Today, I would like to leave you with a short thought from Henri Nouwen “Who can listen to a story of loneliness …

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Lent 2015 … Day 24… ‘Clergy does Comic Relief’

Its Friday, March 13th and yes its here.. Comic Relief .!! I am always amazed at the generosity of people of their time and money… and yes in a very small way I shall be doing my bit. I am part of a ‘Clergy does Comic Relief’ team and tonight I will be treading the …

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Lent 2015.. Day 23… Cherish each other

I have always loved it when my friend calls me ‘sweetheart, mind you he says that to all the women he knows! It’s a real term of endearment and lets the other person knows they are cherished. To feel ‘cherished’ has a lovely warm glow about it, images of being held, embraced, tenderness, yet it …

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Lent 2015 .. Day 22 …. Dementia Spirituality

I have just been accepted to take part in a Dementia research Study for at least 10yrs. Dementia is a tragedy, especially to those whose family member is affected with this degenerative disease. It is a painful experience to watch, as I personally can testify, as the person we love disappears before our eyes. One …

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Lent 2015 … Day 21 … Being in the ‘mood’ for God

The person that we see standing or sitting in front of us, holds a myriad of experiences and feelings, however when we look at someone we can only judge how they are feeling by what they present to us. The mind can play tricks on us, it controls our thoughts and processes, and some people …

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