This is me….. Part two

1. I love singing

2. I love hugs

3. I love driving in my car, and still deciding where to to end up !

4. I love candles and the fireglow

5 I have been to Zambia more than 5 times .

6. I enjoyed being a single Mum .

7. I love meeting people

8. But I also enjoy my own company too

7.I don’t laugh enough now

8. I need to make more time for myself

9. But when i do laugh… I laugh loudly

10. I am a romantic

11. I love talking Theology with my eldest daughter

12. I left school with one GCE

13. I now have a Masters In Theology

14. I was a qualified nurse fo 26 years

15.I am deep…a well of yet untapped emotions, thoughts and ideas !

16.I like thunderstorms

17. I smile a lot

18. I am rubbish at remembering birthdays

19. I leave Christmas shopping till the very last moment

20. In this order Summer / Spring / Autumn / Winter

21. I love standing on Blackpool sea front with the wind blowing in my face.

22. I love the sea

23. I am facinated by sharks and whales

24. I love the countryside

25  I cry when I hear birdsong

26. I want to learn to play the piano

27. I can cry easily

28. My longest friendship is over 50 yrs .. Angie xx

29  I have lots of friends.

30 Some have developed into deep close friendships

31 I believe we are connected to each other, and the world we live in through God the Creator

32 I love Peter Kay !!

33 Ii would love to be a backing singer witha big group .. CHICAGO!!!..

34 I love Big band to Bach

35 I love rock and Roll to Reggae

36 I have climbed up Dunns River Falls in Jamaica

37. My youngest daughter reminds me of me !!( in the nicest way )

38. I believe we should live each day as though its our last

39. I would love to own a caravan

40. There is always more to learn in life

41. I am a loyal friend, but beware if you cross me !!

42. Holidays should be sun , sea , reading books , drinking wine, eating good food and laughing a lot !!!

43 I would never go sking !!

44. I love having cuddles from my grandson William

45. I used to knit Aran Jumpers for a Knitting shop.

46. I would love to write a book

47. I shout loud and scream when I go to watch a Rugby League match at Wigan !!

48 I love letting my hair down

49 I have smoked once …. it nearly made me sick!

50 .I  want to salsa with a sexy man !!!!!   …. maybe Hugh Jackman is available !!

51 I Love Prison Break

52  I can lose myself in a film .. any film !!


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