Moving onwards


As I write this post , my belongings in my manse are ready to be packed away, my office and computer will be in boxes soon , and the freezer is empty. God has called me to go 230 miles away, and continue my ministry in a new and exciting place in Hampshire. However  as I consider the move, I know that, as God’s presence was surrounding me before my birth, and when I leave this earthy form , God’s love and essence will still surround me, I ask the question …… what will the future hold for me ?

As Life has many twists and turns , some steep drops, or hills to climb, God’s love is never ending, it never stops, it is always a quiet presence within me … encouraging my footsteps forwards.

I will meet new people, some I will get on with, some may be challenging !!.. yet God will be in the midst, soothing my fearful heart… when I ask myself … will they like me ?

The journey of discipleship is a continuous Journey where there is no beginning or end … for it is not that all roads lead to God … but all roads are in God.

Timeless God ,

who is beyond all measure

Soothe our fears when new ventures emerge

still our anxiety when our heart races

ignite our enquiring mind .. to learn more about you in the people we meet

Until we rest in your presence once again

And we are at one with you …. Amen