Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

week of prayer for Chriatian unity

This Sunday concludes the week of prayer for Christian Unity. I know many churches are actively involved in this Ecumenical witness, however some churches are still hesitant to get deeper involved. Why is this?

Standing from a minister’s perspective, I recognise and hear that many people are doing projects ecumenically, however we can still hide behind our churches walls for worship and sadly prayer.

This week should be a reminder to all Christians that we follow one God, the Creator, Sustainer and Comforter for all people, regardless of our traditions and denominations.

Yes, we must always recognise and appreciate different denominational liturgy, and speaking personally, that can be uplifting, encouraging and humbling, for example when I am present at a Catholic Mass, or a large Anglican cathedral or a silent Quaker meeting or an evangelical worship service.

An awareness that God is present in all forms of worship, and prayer is vital so we can appreciate the diversity and the inclusivity of God. For me this can only be done if we worship and pray together, and the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity is one opportunity where this could be achieved.

My prayer is that ecumenical boundaries can be crossed, Communion may offered and taken in God’s name, and the worship will enable us to sing in harmony with each other to bring Glory to the name who loves us all.