Lent 2015 .. Day 3… Possessions

possesssions Lent 3This morning I looked in my purse and found I had no money not even any change, so the next step was to the local ATM machine. As I waited in the queue, it was clear that frustrations were rife; the ATM machine had no money.

As I gazed at my card, gripping it tightly in my hand. I wondered how would it be if I had no or little money, if I had no card, or no bank account, and no access to any form of money. Just for a moment, I shuddered.

Could I live on a Living wage of £7.85 per hour or even the minimum wage of £6.50 per hour ( 21yr old and over).?

As Jesus entered the desert he had no possessions with him, yet entered the wilderness with the greatest possession of all, the gift of the Holy Spirt

Money, notes and coins !

Lord, they rule our life

Yes we need them to exist

To buy food and shelter.

Nevertheless wealth has been used to corrupt your world Lord.

As Christ stood on the precipice

Looking outward from the desert

May we always be mindful of the men, women and children

that stand on precipice of life.

Hovering between oppression and isolation

Possessions may stand for power

possessions also stand for people.

Yet all people are precious in your sight Lord