Spice Prayers .. A for Awake

night prayers

A couple of years ago, I wrote an collection  of Prayers relating to my emotions and feelings of each day. It helped me to be positive through a physically difficult and painful time. I kept these private, yet recently sense that God, is urging me to re-look at these again. I called them SPICE Prayers.

SPICE is used to give flavour to food. On occasions it is subtle, mellow, a gentle reminder that the spice is there, not exactly hidden but gently tickling the taste buds.Other Spices are strong, pungent, some make our mouth on fire!. We know its there, we can feel it, taste it and some people can visibly see the effect it has on our body. It provokes a reaction !!

‘Like the different Spices we have in flavouring our food, Prayers can be digested, reflected on, and can be used sparingly or liberally, depending on how we are feeling about life and our relationship with God.

Some days we want to rejoice and thank God for the wonders and beauties of the day, however other days maybe stressful and difficult. Whatever the day’s experience, it is good to know that God is with us, holding us, caring for us, and strengthening us.

A   ………. is for Awake

Lord I thank you for a new day,

With all of its expectations,

hopes and dreams.

As I wake from my slumber,

I thank you for the night’s rest I have had;

That you have kept me from harm,

and that I face a new day

knowing I am loved and treasured by you.

Loving God

Enable me to feel your presence

as I walk and talk throughout this day,

whether it is at home, work, rest or play.      

As I gaze at the sunshine

it reminds me of the brightness of your light in my life;

As I see the wind rustle the trees and shrubs,

it reminds  of your Spirit breathing through all Creation;

As I see the drops of water pour down from the sky,

it reminds me of how you drench me from head to toe with

your love .

All this you offer to me, each and every day